Technical Considerations

Safeguarded community land: Policy WM1 requires that up to 0.1ha of land is to be made available for the delivery of a community facility. Previous discussions with the Parish Council have confirmed that this facility is likely to be a new village hall. We propose that this land is in the north west of the site to allow access to the existing play fields to the west, but would be interested to hear your views on this.

Heritage and archaeology: The proposal has been designed to respond to surrounding heritage assets and will look to enhance the character and appearance of the Westbury-sub-Mendip Conservation Area and the setting of nearby listed buildings. The site’s archaeological importance has been investigated via a geophysical survey which did not identify anything of significant archaeological origin. 

Highways and access: The current junction between Roughmoor Lane and Stoke Road is substandard. Therefore, we propose to divert Roughmoor Lane to the west of the current junction and create a new, safer junction slightly to the south. The existing bus stop and layby would then be relocated slightly to the west and the existing Roughmoor Lane junction would be closed. Access to the properties currently served by Roughmoor Lane would be achieved through a new link connecting to the new site access road.

Flood risk and drainage: The site is in Flood Zone 1 and is therefore at a low risk for flooding. A sustainable drainage strategy will be designed for the site which is also within our ownership. Due to the topography of the site, an attenuation pond will be located on land to the south which is also within our ownership.

Landscape: We have undertaken an initial landscape assessment which has informed the layout by considering key views into and out of the site, and particularly the setting of the AONB. The proposed development has been sensitively designed and laid out to ensure it reads as part of the village and a landscape and visual impact assessment will be prepared to support the planning application.

Ecology: We have undertaken various surveys including for bats, dormice, reptiles, birds and badgers. These surveys indicate that bat species use the site, particularly for commuting along the northern and eastern hedgerows. The scheme has been designed to minimise the impact on the hedgerows and trees, particularly to the north and east. The scheme also provides opportunities for Biodiversity Net Gain. 

Social Infrastructure: Financial contributions will be provided to fund social infrastructure required to serve the new community. This needs to be agreed with the Council but may include contributions to education and health for example. 

We intend to submit an outline planning application which will establish the principle and general distribution of development and open space. Reserved matters applications would need to be submitted to Mendip District Council in the future to agree the detail of the development, including how the buildings will look. 

Constraints and Opportunities Plan

Constraints and Opportunities Plan
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