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The planning application proposal directly responds to Mendip District Council’s Local Plan Part 2 Policy WM1 ‘Land south of Roughmoor Lane’, which allocates the land for residential development. The Local Plan Part 2 was adopted on 20 December 2021. 

The policy states that the site should deliver a minimum of 40 homes, 30% of which are to be affordable homes and that the site layout, building height and landscaping should be designed to minimise the visual impact of the development and reflect the local materials and styles. 

Policy WM1 also requires that up to 0.1ha of land be made available for the delivery of a community facility, and 0.13ha of accessible bat habitat should be provided. 

In light of the allocation, we submitted a draft proposal including layout plan to Mendip District Council in September 2021 to obtain formal pre-application advice. Following this initial advice, the layout was amended to reflect the comments received. 

In November 2021 we then presented a draft of the development layout to the Parish Council in order to obtain initial comments prior to undertaking wider public consultation, which is the stage we are at now.